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What's Going On!

I'm Nikkimah Davis, a Licensed Clinical Therapist &

Your Elite Mindset Coach!

Athletic Coaches, Teams, and Parents hire me to work with their high-performing athletes to develop an Elite Mindset to achieve their full potential in their sport and life using my ELITE MIND Framework! 


I am the CEO of Safe Routes LLC, a Mental Health and wellness business based in Northern Virginia. I have over 22 years of experience as a mental health and wellness professional. I am genuinely excited for you to get to know and work with me, as I am passionate about the mental health and wellness and the success of student-athletes.

In addition to being a clinical Elite Mindset Coach, I am also a huge "sports fan" and a devoted “Track Mom” who used my God-given expertise to support and help my son develop the mental skills as he continues to have success as a high-performing student-athlete in track and field.

This involved working with him to develop Elite Mindset skills to overcome mental hurdles & help build his confidence in order to set, achieve and crush his athletic and academic performance goals.  


I am Raising The Bar on Mental Health & Wellness in Youth Sports so that every student-athlete I work with can understand the importance of positive mental health & wellness on their overall success on and off the field.



Our program assists high-performing student-athletes in overcoming the mental barriers that can hold them back from reaching their full potential. As a sports mom, I understand the athletes' unique challenges, and our program addresses these challenges through evidence-based techniques and personalized elite mindset coaching. With our program, student-athletes, coaches, and teams gain the tools and strategies needed for athletes to improve their mental wellness, mental preparation, focus, motivation, and confidence both on and off the field.



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